DT Container

DT  Container


Fuel stations mounted inside metal ISO box containers, sizes 10ft, 12ft, 15ft and 20ft, available in single-compartment version (only Diesel fuel station) or in double-compartment version (one for Diesel fuel station and the other one for lubricants storage). The lubricants compartment is provided with a retention sump.


  • Frame made with cold-formed steel profiles, with upper and lower corner blocks.
  • Walls and roof in trapezoidal hermetically electrowelded sheet metal.
  • High bearing flooring made with sheet plates, 3 mm thickness; floor is hermetically welded to form a secondary containment able to catch maintenance spills.
  • Double steel swing-door complete with gaskets, and weather proof venting grids.
  • Possibility of handling with crane or forklift.
  • Closing system with lockable bars.
  • The container will be sandblasted and coated with two-part of epoxy paint.
  • Electric system, single-phase 230 V – 50 Hz, compliant with 2006/95/CE – CEI 64-8 EN60204-1 – CENELEC HD 384.1 – IEC6034-1
  • consisting of a switch-board (protection grade: IP55) with main switch, socket, and lighting point with on/off switch for each compartment.
  • Grounding and equipotential connection point.


Dimensioni esterne mm.

Dimensioni interne mm.

OFC 10’ 2991X2438x2591H 2810x2320x2320 H
OFC 15′ 4500x2438x2591 H 4320x2320x2320 H
OFC 20′  6055x2438x2591 H 5875x2320x2320 H