Self Service FM

Self Service FM

Self Service FM

This new range of distributors is characterised by an elegant design, sturdiness, delivery speed and accuracy and can manage up to 120 users.

Vehicle code, kilometres can also be entered and the product can also offer delivery date and time management. It includes dedicated software to print the details of the delivery and user totals.

There is a local printer to issue the ticket at the end of the delivery. Using the OCIO, it is possible to constantly display the tank fuel level. It is ideal for medium sized companies providing an all-round control of everything that concerns the fuel tank.



Available in two versions:

  • SELF SERVICE 100 FM 90 l/1′ flow rate 220 v.
  • SELF SERVICE 70 FM 70 l/1′ flow rate 220 v.


  • Delivery pre-selection
  • +/- 0.5% flow rate accuracy
  • Management of up to 120 users
  • Local memory up to the last 255 deliveries
  • Possibility to enter vehicle code and kilometres
  • Delivery date and time management
  •  Software to print the details of the delivery and user totals
  • Local printer to issue the ticket at the end of the delivery and possibility of printing details of deliveries carried out
  • Can be used with the OCIO system to control the tank level or content
  • Minimum tank level pump lock
  • Magnetic keys for user identification