Fuel Management Systems

Dado tank offers a wide range of winning solutions for fuel management for private and industrial usage: software and innovative management systems for diesel supply, self-service fuel pumps, liter-counter columns, dispensing monitoring and control systems. Our fuel management systems are practical, simple and intuitive and allow you to monitor fuel flows constantly, reducing waste and combating diesel theft.


Il nuovo sistema di Gestione Carburante intuitivo e semplice sviluppato da PIUSI, si compone da una parte hardware e una parte software tra cui l'APP destinata agli autisti, e un Software in Cloud destinato ai manager, che dovranno gestire i distributori di gasolio e flotte di ogni dimensione.


SonDado is an innovative system of constant monitoring of the values of the liquid in to the tank, and it can be used only by a person authorized by entering a pin code.

Self Service Management 2.0

The new “Self Service Management 2.0” range connects diesel fuel dispensers to the powerful new “Self Service Management 2.0” software, responsible for processing fuel delivery data.

MC Box 2.0

MC BOX 2.0 is designed for owners of non-commercial diesel fuel distribution plants. However, it is not equipped with the facility to monitor users and fuel dispensing.

Cube 70 MC 2.0

Cube 70 MC 2.0 is equipped with a standard LAN connection to allow constant dialogue with the software, receive configuration mode data from a remote location and transmit fuel delivery reports.

Self Service 70 MC 2.0

The MC 2.0 Self Service non-commercial diesel fuel dispenser is designed and built to be compatible with the new Self Service Management 2.0 software.

Self Service FM 2.0

Non-commercial diesel fuel dispenser with options, designed for users who insist on the best and accept no compromises.

Ocio 2.0

This device detects the static pressure generated by the liquid level by means of a pipe inserted into the tank and displays the liquid level or volume.

Mc Box

The MC Box fuel management panel has the capability to control and manage the consumption of fuel for the private and commercial user sector.

Cube 70 Mc

A diesel distributor for private use, unique in its type in terms of low price, compactness and flexibility.