360 ° level control system

SonDado is an innovative system of constant monitoring of the values of the liquid in to the tank, and it can be used only by a person authorized by entering a pin code.

Simple Practical  Effective

It was constructed to prevent fuel supplies to unauthorized persons, and report changes in the fuel level through SMS or e-mail (5 users per type), getting an alarm system against theft, and can also be connected to probes already existing.


  • constant monitoring of the content in liters or millimeters, any abnormal dips will be communicated with SMS and / or email
  • real-time control with phone call  to the SIM  inserted in sondado with receiving text message with the indication of tank level
  • allows diesel fuel supplies only to authorized users, through the use of a PIN code (max 50)
  • nr.02 control of stock levels, and when they are reached, an alert is sent by SMS and / or email
  • Automatic control of filling with a  notice via SMS and / or email
  • verification of proper operation and electrical connection of the level probe, and in case of tampering with notice by sms and / or email
  • inclusion of information table (in cases in which it is present)

Technical features

  • nr.01 master code programming
  • nr.50 user codes to allow refueling
  • nr.5 programmable mobile users
  • nr.5 e-mail address programmable (via APN and SMTP with phone  service provider used)
  • casing with ip55 protection
  • touchscreen 4.3 “with 480×272 resolution
  • GSM /GPRS/GPS simcom 908/928
  • nr. 2 floating changeover contact relè (for lighting, sirens..)
  • Heater anti humidity only in the basic version
  • Power 230v/50Hz
  • backup battery (batteries 4AA or stilo rechargeables)
  • Insert custom logo


Level Inspector :

  • Control system fluid level Resolution 1 cm
  • terminal heater

COMPATIBLE: WITH PROBE digimag, ocio or similar)


the product is not ATEX therefore can only be installed outside the ATEX zone