OCIO 2.0

OCIO 2.0


OCIO 2.0 reads the liquid level in a tank.

This device detects the static pressure generated by the liquid level by means of a pipe inserted into the tank and displays the liquid level or volume.

OCIO 2.0 requires the use of Self Service Management 2.0 software.

OCIO 2.0 is equipped with local electronics and an integrated LAN card to allow constant two-way dialogue with your PC.

By connecting OCIO 2.0 to the Self Service Management 2.0 software, you can:

  • set tank type and dimensions from a remote location.
  • Program level alarms.
  • Define the unit of measurement.
  • Calibrate the instrument.

Depending on the set alarm levels, OCIO 2.0 can cut-off the power supply to connected equipment.

OCIO 2.0 is available in several different versions:

  • OCIO RS/485 (for use with self-service mc 2.0, cube mc 2.0, Mcbox 2.0)
  • OCIO WiFi 2.0
  • OCIO MC 2.0

category: Fluid Monitoring Systems
Liquid: AdBlue, Biodiesel, Diesel, Oil, Water, Windscreen
Sector of application: AdBlue Solutions, Fuel Transfer, Garage Equipment
Accuracy: +/- 1%

Presentazione 2.0