Cube 70MC

Cube 70MC

A diesel distributor for private use, unique in its type in terms of low price, compactness and flexibility; it is easy to install and offers fast and accurate delivery; it can be set to be used only by authorised personnel and dedicated software downloads the data on to a PC.

A compact structure holds the gun holder, pump, digital litre counter, electronic control panel for the management of 50 users also by means of a magnetic key, pre selection deliveries and download of data on a PC.



Technical data:

  • Flow-rate 70 l/min
  • Pre selection delivery
  • +/- 0.5 flow rate accuracy
  • Local memory of last 200 deliveries carried out
  • Possibility of entering vehicle code and kilometres
  • Delivery date and time management
  • Software with possibility of printing delivery details with user totals

Construction characteristics:

  • Rotary wing pump with incorporated bypass
  •  Induction motor with thermal protection in case of overheating
  • Pump suction mesh filter
  • Pulser litre counter and oval gears
  • Automatic gun with rotating connector and 4 m pipe
  • Electronic control panel with keyboard and display to enter codes
  • Code identification magnetic key