Emilcaddy 55/110

Emilcaddy 55/110

Emilcaddy 55/110

Polyethylene tank for fuels transport, homologated in accordance with ADR regulations.

Tanks made in roto-molded linear polyethylene, ideal for the refueling of small and light operating vehicles or crafts. Featuring a unique design with ergonomic grip for excellent handling and lifting, Emilcaddy is equipped with puncture proof whe- els designed to be driven on any surface. In ad- dition to lightness and handiness, the structure, devoid of sharp edges, and the reinforcement ribs confer great strength and resistance. Emil- caddy can be filled either horizontally or vertically with the same amount of fuel. The tank is equip- ped with a filling plug with integrated air vent de- vice and a safety ball valve set up on the suction/ drain point. Emilcaddy line, thanks to its features, represents an optimal and safe solution for refue- ling operations both in professional fields and in sport or leisure activities. AdBlue/DEF version is also avaiable.



• Top handle for easy gripping and lifting.
• Integrated recesses for securing with ratchet lashing straps.
• suction/drain safety ball valve.
• Filling plug with integrated non-spill vent.
• Lower handle for manual lifting operations.
• puncture proof wheels and foot support.
• Front nozzle holder.
• Manual and electric pump support.


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EMILCADDY 55GIALLO2014MANEmilcaddy® for DIEsEL fuel (Yellow version), available with:

• Manual rotary vane pump made in aluminum with manual nozzle and 3 m of hose. (A)
• DC battery pump 12 V or 24 V, flow rate 40 L/min, with 4 m electric cable, clamps for the battery connection and manual nozzle with 3 m of hose. (C)

Emilcaddy® for GAsOLInE (Green Version), available with:

EMICADDY 110VERDE2014MAN• Manual rotary vane pump made in aluminum, suitable for Gasoline and complete with manual nozzle and 3 m of fuel hose.
• Manual piston pump, ATEX certified, com- plete with 4 m of grounding cable and clamp, manual nozzle and 3 m of antistatic hose. (B) • DC electric pump 12 V, flow rate 45 L/min, ATEX certified complete with 4 m of ground- ing cable and clamp, manual nozzle and 3 m of antistatic hose. (D)

Emilcaddy 55

  • Volume: 55 L.
  • Width: mm 460.
  • Depth: mm 360.
  • height: mm 900.
  • Empty weight – homologated gasoline version: 9 Kg.
  • Empty weight- only for Diesel and Urea version: 8 Kg.

Emilcaddy 110

  • Volume: 110 L.
  • Width: mm 460.
  • Depth: mm 440.
  • height: mm 1100.
  • Empty weight – homologated gasoline version: 12 Kg.
  • Empty weight – only for Diesel and Urea version: 13 Kg.