Steel tank, horizontal, made in carbon steel, watertight electro-welded, sandblasted and oven-baked powder coated;

equipped with breakwater plate (PTKUBE 960) and fixed inside a steel container having the function of protection and impermeable secondary containment that can hold a minimum of 110% of the volume of the inner tank and completed with a lockable lid.

  • Hinged lockable lid with safety bars.
  • Top lifting lugs located in each corner of the container.
  • Forklift pockets for bottom lifting.
  • Possibility to connect generator sets even with lid closed and locked.
  • Drainage pipe to empty completely the external container; it is provided with safety cap.
  • Inspection hatch, diameter 200 mm, provided with gasket and bolted cover.
  • Loading access port, made in brass or aluminium, provided with 3 quick cap.
  • Three - effects safety and emergency valve - homologated.
  • Mechanical level indicator

Certificates and documentation

  • Commissioning report / initial inspection, issued by the Authorized Agency.
  • EC Declaration of Conformity for the fuel transfer unit.
  • ADR prescriptions and for the proper use of the fuel transfer devices and equipment



Capacità lt

Dimensioni mm.

Peso a vuoto kg.

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PT KUBE 440 434 980 x 980 x H 1220 216 221
PT KUBE 960 956 1130x1530xH 1330 386 404

PT KUBE equipped with:

  • a self-priming battery pump, 12 V or 24 V, flow rate from 40 L/min or 60 L/ min
  • provided with built-in by-pass valve, on/ off switch, protection fuse, battery cable and connection plug, rubber hose, length 5 m. ,automatic fuel nozzle
  • n. 2 rapid couplings, size 1/2”, for generator sets connection (feeding + return line+ suction pipe) (optional)