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Dispensing group using highly compatible components  


Tanks manufactured with carbon steel, externally painted with a rustproof coat and enamel finishing coat.

Steel and Polyethylene sump pallets

Container-holding tanks in top quality carbon steel sheet, painted on the outside with a rustproof coat and a finishing enamel coat. They can be positioned on any type of ground and have been conceived according to the container capacity.

DT Cargo

DT CARGO is designed to cope with large loads and has two fundamental characteristics - resistance and non-deformability - that derive from the reinforcement pilaster in the bulkheads and the well-ribbed base.

Emilcaddy Urea

Polyethylene tank for fuels transport, homologated in accordance with ADR regulations.

Box-Fito / Economic Line

Storage products for PLANT PROTECTION

Ecological box for waste storage

Suitable for the storage/deposit of lubricating oils, toxic-harmful substances, paint and spent/drain oils.

Self Service Management 2.0

The new “Self Service Management 2.0” range connects diesel fuel dispensers to the powerful new “Self Service Management 2.0” software, responsible for processing fuel delivery data.

MC BOX 2.0

MC BOX 2.0 is designed for owners of non-commercial diesel fuel distribution plants. However, it is not equipped with the facility to monitor users and fuel dispensing.